Picture in your noggin a place where people gather to study, a large foyer cluttered with couches and coffee tables. This is the foyer to the ballrooms in the student center where all the important meetings and events take place. Students of all sorts gather here or just pass through on their way to class, and/or the bookstore or the various restaurants. Many students happen to use this space for napping, taking advantage of the industrial furniture, or it may just be a result of studying too hard. Either way, I set out to make their napping experience more enjoyable by providing them with pillows, blankets, alarm clocks, nightlights, and teddy bears.

Quilts, Blankets, and Sheets

"Southern California Quilt"

"I Killed the Wabbit""Daddy"

"Backstreet Boys""Draw On Me Please""Britney Spears Went to the Store With Her Mother"


"ski mask""Couple at the Beach"
"Robots Don't Dream""Vote For Teddy"


"Chop Shop Bears"

pics of the installation