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"Barbeque Metonymy"taken at open studios
"Expressing A Deficiency"taken at open studios
"Feeling Complete In A Hat Made Of Meat"taken at open studios
"Part of the Compression Gravity Model"taken at open studios
"No Fear Is Irrational Anymore"taken at open studios
"Grave News at the Racetrack"Mailed to bwc photo labs along with my slide order
"Anticipating Peanuts"gave to steward on the plane, but he gave it back, so I made another one called "refusing gifts" portraying him with a smug look on his face looking at a small piece of paper, and left that one on the plane, but this one was taken at open studios
"Ignoring Chronoception"taken at open studios
"Pulling Pranks While You Sleep"taken at open studios

"An Apple Relaxing After You Leave"taken at open studios
"Sushi Hut... Underwater Buffet"gave to a student who lost my email address
"Doing the Hay"given to some artist dude at SDAI whom I've met previously at Sushi when we both gave presentations of our work
"Graham Cracker With Displaced Divots"taken at open studios
"Seeing Only In Right Angles"dropped in the SFMOMA donation box
"Tropical Fish/ Peacock Evolution"gave to a woman who happened to be a painter while on the shuttle bus back to Matt's house from the airport. She was looking for the train station with her husband and two kids when she asked me about all the dates on my pants. We talked about art and absentmindedness, and then pointed the way to the train station
"Dendritic Pathways to Neoroterra"taken at open studios
"A Revealation at the Carwash"given to a photographer at SDAI
"Leather Glove Contemplation"given to the friend of the dude that I met previously at Sushi while now at SDAI

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