I don't know if you felt it too, if it was some cosmic wave, or a series of minor earthquakes that was making my body tremble. Personally, i don't think it was either of these forces. You have a gravity that is second only to a black hole. It wasn't easy leaving, as you may have sensed. I kept making excuses to hang around when I was actually waiting to make my move, for you to give me the signal. Then when we hugged goodbye and you kissed me on the cheek, I knew I missed my chance. My right foot was committed to leaving, and had already convinced the rest of my body that the battle was lost, and that I should go home. God, how I wanted to kiss you. I kept thinking that I would see sparks if I had, that these two forces, when collided, would rival only that of the original big bang, our coming together would spawn a whole new universe. You left me charged, a feeling that still hasn't subsided. My heart found its compliment, and is being pulled to you, and it's leaving with or without me. I can only hope that you feel just as strongly, and that you'll accept my heart and the person that comes with it. I need a reply soon, before my heart runs away on me in search of you. With these words, I also send all my love, and I hope I hear from you soon,

her reply