I am honored that you gave me the picture. I will devote a sapce for it in my new apartment. I am patiently watching for adequate gifts for my friends. As of yet, I have not found any for you.

Throughout the time you have known me, you have no doubt seen me change. I have been quiet and spacey, deep and shallow, talkative and mumbling. You have seen me vulnerable and I have been appreciative to your grace.

I will keep the picture until I find someone to keep the sacred picture. Until that time, I will use it to drive me ever further to look backwards in a life that moves ever forwards. I will use these trips of recollection to collect the pieces of me and recollect and constantly help me build the future me.

The picture and your friendship will be valued. May New Year's be valuable to you, knowing people spur you on with their good will. (Forget the hallmark sense of the term.)

my reply