Here's a little project I started that involves poetry and email. What's going on is that I'm having fictitious romances with various people, and expressing my love via email. The point then is for the other person to print up the love letter that I send them, maybe even a bunch of them, and leave them around someplace, looking as if they were mistakenly dropped or left behind. People would happen upon these, and read them with the assumption that they're reading about somebody's real life and their feelings. Also, being printouts from email, contact information is also on the page that they're reading, so if they wanted to, they can email either conspirator. This also makes the work seem more valid and happening between real people, and not some whack job artists, whom they really are. So this is really a very subversive tactic to introduce art, in the form of poetry, into peoples' lives, appealing to their voyeuristic nature. I'm trying to get as many people involved in this as possible. I mean, the more poetry in the world the better. This is also spreading the love, making "real" feelings a public topic once again, not hiding behind coloquialisms and meaningless expressions. Listed below are some of the emails that I've started circulating, and some responses I've gotten.





Michael (Michael initiates this one)