So the ever elusive unified field theory, the one Einstein struggled over all his life. Do I claim to know the answer? Sure, why not. It all seems so simple, but honestly I don't know what the question is. I can say that it's all electro magnetic energy, and there are an equal number of positive and negative forces in the universe. Space is not a void, but a matrix of particles that are forever repelling themselves to maintain a 3d grid structure. To this I have to wonder, does the universe have boundaries? The experts all say that it's expanding, so that must mean that it's getting bigger, to get bigger, you need to be smaller than infinity. And, if there were no boundaries, there would be no gravity, everything would just keep getting pushed farther apart, and on and on. There may exist more than one universe, but how can we be certain? I'm not proposing that there are definite boundaries, like we're all in a fish bowl, but limitations to how far the universe can stretch, but that's impossible to gauge. There is something with the electromagnetic energy that either gives life, or supports it. Dead people don't have auras. There has been proposed a frequency of life, the Buddhists called it the Om, the frequency at which life resonates. Wilhelm Reich researched the orgone energy which drove sex drives, and which he was able to accumulate and store in reflective metal containers. Everything is connected in the grand scheme of things. Maybe it is space itself, the aether, that binds us all together. Then why do we need our physical bodies? I'm not a physicist or a mathemetician, I'm not interested in a unified field theory. I know it exists, and so do I, and I'm content with just that much.

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