So at the same time that I've been pondering physical forces, psychic forces also came to mind. I hypothesized that our entire being is stored as bits of information, electrical impulses if you would, within our physical brain. This is not unlike how a computer stores information, or a cd. So I figured, why does it have to be stuck in my brain, why can't I transmit myself anywhere? So I started to research how to build a transmitter. We're only missing one component, but that's easily overcome. For a radio broadcast, you need something to convert audio into electrical impulses, like a microphone (a transducer). Then you need a mixer to sort the information, a modulator to set the sending frequency (can be amplitude or frequency, and this is only so the receiver knows how to find you) and an antennae to transmit. So far, so good, let me explain. Our brain has already transduced all of our senses into electrical signals, and sorted them into their respective homes. We all have a set frequency that we just have to find, which is the hard part. Our bodies themselves are antennae, which was the greatest discovery. Radio antennae have an electro magnetic field surrounding them, and so do we. Most people call this our aura, and has been studied and proven to exist. If you don't believe me, you can at least accept that your body gives off heat, right? Heat is part of the electro magnetic spectrum. I'm not saying that the aura is any way related to personality, or that you can heal someone's aura, just acknowledging that it exists. The way that the radio signal is transmitted via the antennae is with an oscilator, or a resonator that matches the frequency, sending the antennae into vibration, and hurling the radio wave out into space. That is the last piece of the puzzle that is missing for us to be able to "astral project". Everybody who has this ability talks about feeling the vibrations before leaving their bodies. Some people are made with built-in resonators. Other people learned how to do it my means of a mantra, or sustained chant in a specific frequency. I've also seen one place, that sells the resonator to hook up to your head, allowing you to instantly astral project.

Ok, so what are the implications? Well, since when you astral project, you are made up of electro magnetic energy, you can travel at the speed of light. On the other hand, your physical body is still at rest. If you were able to astral project while inside the blackhole, or light accumulator, then you can travel backwards in time. The only piece of the puzzle that is missing is a receiver, someone or something tuned to your exact frequency with the same demodulator to interpret your data. Unless, that is, you went back in time, and met up with yourself. Now, I think I'm getting sci fi, but I'm just trying to illustrate how all the forces are connected, from "gravity," to light, and even to psychic energy. They are all forms of electromagnetic force that can be controlled and manipulated. There's more experimentation to be done with this one, but the theories are there. From what others have said about their ability, it's possible to go into space via astral projection, which means we must resonate above 30Mhz, and it also gives hope to those who want to know what happens when we die. We can finally be released permenantly from our bodies, and then who knows, probably get sucked into a black hole somewhere.

Gravitational Theory

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