Using the same basic concepts used in the Astral Planes Theory, here's a theory on levitation and it's mediating device, "the pimpin' fly suit." This time, instead of resonating the frequency to send the quantified EM package (some call it a soul) off into space, all we really have to do is intesify the frequency in controlled radiation to enact your own gravitational field, which would enable you to fly. The same concept with the time machine can be applied here, too, using one way glass to densify your matter, also building up your gravitational field, but that application is likely to fry your ass. Instead, as I've proposed with the gravitational effect of the sun, heat (and EM energy in general) further repel the particals that make up the CMBR (see the gravity theory). This has also been demonstrated in the 50's by David Hamel and Otis T. Carr who seperately developed anti-gravity devices, check 'em out at and several other places on the web. Here's some plans for my pimpin fly suit, named such because it will allow you to fly.

Gravitational Theory

Unified Field Theory

Time Travel Theory

Astral Planes Theory