Here's a little theory I've been working on concerning how the universe works. I don't believe in gravity as it is currently hypothosized to exist. I don't think it's a pull so much as it is a push. I think that there is a space matrix that has a fixed density, and when an object such as the earth disrupts that space, displacing it in all directions, then space pushes back as it attempts to normalize itself. This matrix has been called such things as the void, or the aether, and what I believe keeps it at a constant density is an electro magnetic repulsive force, arranging space particles in somewhat of a 3d grid formation. Another hypotheosis is that this matrix is actually the Cosmic Background Radiation (CBR or CMB or CMBR, M standing for microwave). Scientists recently spent $365 million on an enormous device they hope will detect "gravitons" for the first time. The problem is that they can't get rid of the "noise" from the CBR. They don't realize that it is the CBR which actually causes gravity. The CBR has been proven to be a fixed constant in all reaches of space. It's energy is measurable as well as its composition, extremely cool (2.73 Kelvin) photons comprising the full range of the EM spectrum, but consisting mostly of Microwave frequencies which do exert a repulsive force. The CBR has a fixed density, and will exert the necessary force to influence gravity while trying to normalize its density after an invasion of high density matter (like our earth). Since earth, like all heavenly bodies, is on a trajectory, then the force is distributed unevenly, resulting in the earth's spin. Also, since the earth is on this trajectory, the particals of space are displaced in an elliptical array, not to mention that it leaves a wake. This would explain a lot of things, from why the earth spins, to why orbits are elliptical, and even why gravity can't currently be quantified. It can't be quantified because we're trying to measure the wrong force. My theory follows Newton's laws which state for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. The earth first pushes on space, and then space pushes back. Einstein's theory also has some holes, and would only somewhat work if planetary bodies were in a fixed position in space. But it's been proven that every heavenly body is in motion. Orbits are caused by the seams of stratafied density. I've made a few sketches, which do little to illustrate what's in my head, especially since my model really depends on time and motion to illustrate the point. Once I learn how to animate stuff on the computer, I may be able to create a better picture of this, but that'll take many years. I'm just going to put this out there, and hopefully someone smarter than myself can figure out the mathematics, and possible even build the model. I want as much feedback on this as possible from people who know what they're doing. Email me at

check out these sources: (thanks D Billy)

gravity push refuted

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