Born on June 25, 1979 (or as I call it, antichristmas for being in the 6th month of the year, exactly 6 months before and 6 months after Christmas) in Buffalo, NY, Bryan Lohr gave his mother, Karen, the birthing experience of her life. Just to be different, I decided I was going to come out neck first instead of the played out head first deal. I wasn't going to make things too easy. Afterall, when it was all said and done, my father, Robert, said I looked like a piece of linguini, long and skinny. He was convinced that he had fathered the next Larry Bird. Just to prove him wrong, I decided that I was going to suck horribly at sports, and instead focus on all things creative. I still played just for some fun and exercise, but I wasn't going to get any better... by choice, of course.

At first, I resisted music because my older brother was already playing piano, and I figured having one musician in the family was enough. A pattern starts emerging here where I base life choices on doing the opposite of what's already been done, so instead of modeling my life after "heroes," I usually modeled my life as the antithesis of the people I didn't like. So after a couple years at gymnastics, and when my teacher was replaced by some sort of drill sergeant, I quit and took up guitar lessons. I was about 7 or 8 at the time, and man did it hurt to play that thing. I kept with it for a while, but then gave it up when it was getting to be cool. I didn't pick it up again until high school, where I hardly liked anybody, so the negative influences were too great for me to continue with my antithetical role modeling, and I started to do what I felt like doing just because I can. Other people no longer had to form my beliefs for me (either for or against), and I started to develop myself again from the inside out. That may be why I was voted "most changed" in the high school year book. I took a strong liking to art and music, and have been working ever since to develop those avenues. There's still much more to learn and unlearn.