Bryan Lohr
5535 George Dr
Boston, NY 14075
(716)649-9039 home
(716)598-8667 cell


2003. M.F.A. Visual Arts, studio, University of California, San Diego 
2000. B.F.A. Visual Arts with concentration in painting, SUNY Fredonia
1997. Regents Diploma with Honors, Bishop Timon/ St. Jude High School, Buffalo, NY

Work Experience

2006-present- President, Burnwood Studios Inc.

      ♦ 885 Niagara St, Buffalo, NY 14213 (716)598-8667
      ♦ Fine art, custom fabrication, murals, interiors, design
      ♦ Art gallery, music venue, performance space
      ♦ Design and fabricate sets, props, furniture, spaces, and interiors for clients
      ♦ Host artists, coordinate events, book musical acts, run sound
      ♦ develop property, rehabilitate an old building into a multi-function cultural resource and studio
2008-present- carpenter with Hadley Exhibits
      ♦ 1700 Elmwood Ave, Buffalo, NY 14207 (716)874-3666
      ♦ Building custom exhibits for the trade show industry, museums, zoos, and visitor centers
      ♦ busy union shop with a very discerning eye for quality
      ♦ travel to various sites around the country for installation
      ♦ very high-end carpentry, cabinetry, custom fabrication

2008-present- carpenter with DK design
      ♦ contact: Dave King  (716)863-4656
      ♦ building sets and props for the theatre and movie industry

2006-2008- Restoration and remodeling with Quality First Home Improvements
      ♦ 112 Woodward Ave, Buffalo, NY 14214
      ♦ Contact: Kevin Wallace (716)446-9924
      ♦ Old home restoration, custom building and remodeling
      ♦ carpentry, painting, miscellaneous

2004-2006- Various positions with Zap Props
      ♦ 3611 S. Loomis Ave, Chicago, IL 60609, (773)376-2278
      ♦ Duties include design, drafting, estimating, planning, building, installing, framing, 
        carpentry, welding, painting, and various office and warehouse duties. 
      ♦ All things associated with a restaurant design business

2004- Part-time customer service for the Home Depot
      ♦ 2100 Elmwood Ave, Buffalo, NY 14224, (716)871-8800
      ♦ Assisted customers in the paint department, mixing and answering questions
      ♦ Inventory management and maintenance 

2003- 2004- Painter for JPW painting
      ♦ 249 Borden Rd., Buffalo, NY 14224
      ♦ Contact: John Wiley (716) 863-5045
      ♦ Residential and Commercial
      ♦ New builds and repaints	

2001- 2003- Teaching Assistant at UCSD. 
      ♦ 9500 Gilman Dr, Visual Arts- 0084 La Jolla, Ca 92093-0084
      ♦ Contact: BJ Barclay (858) 534-2862 
      ♦ Fall '01 and '02- Non Western Art History 
      ♦ Winter '02 and '03- introduction to art making, 3d 
      ♦ Spring '02 and '03- Structures of Art, theory and practice 
      ♦ duties included holding classroom discussions, developing and assigning 
      ♦ projects, critiques, evaluation, and grading, pulling slides and other resource material, 
        teaching technical art skills as well as theoretical and historical foundations, 
        holding office hours and student assistance.

2002- Present- Freelance Muralist 
      ♦ Design and paint murals specific to clients' needs

2002- Artsbridge scholar through UCSD. 
      ♦ Contact: Jenny Scholl (858) 534-3793
      ♦ Working with San Diego High School on projects focusing on multiculturalism, 
         traditional and contemporary art practices 

2001- Teacher's Aide for Albright Knox Art Gallery
      ♦ 1285 Elmwood Ave, Buffalo, NY 14222  (716) 882-8700 
      ♦ Assisted with advanced art classes for adults

2001- Sales associate, Guitar Center, Buffalo, NY
      ♦ Sold music accessories at busy retail outlet, and ran cash register

2000- Franchise Manager, College Pro Painters, Buffalo, NY
      ♦ Ran all aspects of house painting business from startup to closing, including staffing,
        marketing, cold-calling, customer service, estimating, setting up multiple crews at
        different jobs, purchasing, payroll, painting, and cleanup 

1999- Marketing employee for Albright Knox Art Gallery
      ♦ Assisted with special exhibition of "Monet at Giverny" 


2006. "It's Not You, It's Me" Hallwalls, Buffalo, NY (group show)
2006. "Color Barriers and the Nonopticon" OAO Galleria, Chicago, IL
2005. "Grand Opening" OAO Galleria, Chicago, IL (group show)
2005. "Mondo" Mise En Scene, Chicago, IL (group show)
2004. "Area Artists" Arte Brutale, Buffalo, NY (group show)
2003. "Personal Services" 9th Floor, Los Angeles, CA 
2003. "Portrait San Diego" Sushi Performance & Visual Art, San Diego, CA 
2003. "One on One" Marcuse Gallery, UCSD, La Jolla, CA 
2002. "Drawing Show" Sweet Boy Productions, Los Angeles, CA (group show) 
2002. "Sleep With Art" Ballroom foyer, UCSD, La Jolla, CA 
2002. "Enviro Conjunction" Marcuse Gallery, UCSD, La Jolla, CA 
2002. "Time Forms" CRCA, UCSD, La Jolla, CA (group show) 
2002. "One Foot Show" SDAI, Balboa Park, San Diego, CA (group show) 
2001. "Three Painters" College Street Gallery, Buffalo, NY
2000. "The 8 Show" Rockefeller Arts Center Gallery, Fredonia State College, NY
1999. "Conscious Irrelevance of Socially Perverse Idiosyncrasies" Emmitt
           Christian Gallery, Fredonia State College, NY


      ♦ Painting/ drawing with oil, acrylic, latex, watercolor, and mixed media 
        miniature to gigantic, realistic, abstract and conceptual, installation
      ♦ Sculpting with wood, metal, plaster, clay, mold making, casting, and
        mixed media, large and small, realistic, abstract and conceptual
      ♦ Photography and video, 35mm and digital, VHS, DV, miniDV, B&W processing,
        printing, and developing, digital editing
      ♦ Musical, Guitar, bass, drums, percussion, composition, lyrics, and recording
      ♦ PC and Mac, HTML, Photoshop, Word, Office, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Excel,
        internet, Protools, and many miscellaneous programs and applications
      ♦ Carpentry, woodworking, Residential and commercial painting, stenciling, marketing, inside/ outside
        sales, general maintenance (carpentry, drywall, plumbing, electrical), 
        writing, critiquing, speaking, customer service/ relations, easily trainable