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bryan <>
Chicago, IL USA -
It's true, I'm from Lackawanna, not Buffalo, although depending on who you talk to, they're the same thing, LA is just the dirtier, poorer, little sister to the Queen City... does that make her dutchess? I'm proud of my roots, so sorry if I've mislabeled them. I'll be more explicit in the future. As for more pics... bring a camera to one of my shows, it's kinda hard to take a picture of yourself on stage. Peace.
brrrn <>
Lackawanna, NY USA -
Hey Bryan, Just wanted to write. My cousin and I have been all over your website chicking it all out and are pretty impressed with what you have done. We are former LA schoolmates and he stumbled upon all this and passed it on. I like all this stuff...more references to La would be good and more pictures of your shows and journeys...keep it up.
kelly <>
Norfolk/lackawanna, VA USA -
I like your site and I enjoy looking at your paintings. They make me look at things from a different perspective.
Heather Varney <>
West Springfield, MA USA -
The music portion of the site is up and running! The art I'm still working on. Leave me messages here as to how you like the site, what needs to be changed, or just to say "Hi". Peace, talk to you soon, brrrn-out.
Burn <>
Buffalo, NY USA -