November 11th, 2004

In response to my last entry over a month ago, I have been writing more, just not here. I started a screenplay that I hope to finish soon after moving to Chicago. I'm just over 40 pages right now, but it's mostly fast-paced dialogue so I don't think the 1 page= 1 minute of film rule would really apply, I'd say I have a solid twenty five minutes so far, but the rest of the story is blocked out, just not written. The other thing, yeah, I'm moving to Chicago. I decided that a few days ago, and I'm heading out there on Saturday to scope out some apartments and jazz. I'm excited about it. A change of scenery usually does me good. It couldn't have come at a more opportune time, either, seeing as how it's the onset of winter, and it's friggin cold in the basement. I haven't been able to move my fingers well enough to play guitar this past week, but I still played an open mic yesterday. Aww damn, I didn't mention that either... I have a few paintings up at Arte Brutale, a new space that opened up here in Buffalo. Some cool artist/ musicians from Boston are running the space, and they're also hosting a weekly open mic and artist spotlights, which I would've been part of if I didn't decide to skip town. Haha, and I also learned Flash this past month, so I'll slowly be integrating some flash features in with the rest of the site, so watch out.

I'm back from a nighttime promenade that took me over the creek and through the woods. I've been doing this at least once a week lately, not always the same route, though. This time, I headed up to the old tracks and through the woods. It always amazes me just how invisible deer can be. If it weren't for that white tail, I'd never see them fuckers. Not only are they hard to spot, but they don't make a sound... until you get too close, and then they snort before they book. I'll just be walking along and then this loud, ferocious snort will come from somewhere nearby, scaring the crap out of me. Most of the time, I never see the deer or hear them after that. On one clear night, I was probably only twenty feet away from a few does, and every time I got nearer, they would scatter, but their feet never made a sound. I can see them running yet only hear the wind. It's really incredible. Tonight, I didn't see any of them, but I heard three of them snorting at close distance. If I wasn't familiar with the noise they made, I would've been scared shitless tonight. I just hear a loud noise from the bushes right next to me, and some rustling, and if I didn't know any better, I would've thought it was a bear. The one spot I almost always return to is Ol' Seven at Holy Cross cemetary. This is a huge tree with seven trunks radiating from a single stump. In the past few years, however, they cut two of the trunks off completely. The second one was just cut this summer. The only thing that I like about them being cut is that they make nice perches. That spot is far enough away from the roads and people that I can actually go there to meditate. A couple weeks when I was there, a guy walking his dog totally interrupted me, as he shined his flashlight in my face. That pussy was shining the light all over the place, it was obvious that he was scared. Tonight was the first night that I actually brought a flashlight because I knew that some of the paths in the woods get pretty rough, therefore I only had it on for about 30 seconds total. There's something beautiful about the night, and the monochromacity? of it all. Everything in shades of blue, dark and low contrast. Anyway, later that night with the dogwalker, I heard strange noises coming from the creek. At first I thought it was a goose, then a sick goose, then an alarm with dying batteries, but I came to the conclusion that I needed to find out. I get to the edge of the trees, and the guy with his dog are there, too, and we're trying to figure out what the hell that noise is. It was definitely an animal, it was in the middle of the wooded area between the graveyard and the creek, and it was loud. We went through the brush hoping to follow its cries, but whenever we got too near, it would shut up. To describe the sound, I would say it sounded similar to a sheep going to the slaughter, but whereas sheeps stutter their baah-a-a-a- s, this noise was one solid cry, loud as hell, last a good three or four seconds, and would sometimes trail off with a higher pitched tone. This would repeat about every 10-15 seconds. When it first started, it was so regular, that that's when I decided that it was probably just some sort of alarm. Alas, the mystery was never solved. I thought it could've been a baby deer, but deer don't have babies this time of year. It's possible that it could've been a full grown deer who was in some way injured or trapped, but I've never heard anything like it before.

A few brief notes:
♦ I highly recommend reading Desmond Morris's "The Naked Ape," and "The Human Zoo," in that order.
♦ My cell phone number will stay the same for a while even after I'm in Chicago... 716-572-9678
♦ Try not to email me for a while because I don't know when I'll have internet access.
♦ I'll be staying with Schmeel for a bit, and possibly going out to Iowa for a bit too before settling in. THANK YOU.
♦ I can't believe Bush won. I'm so out of touch with America. There's no reason to get upset, we'll be fine, it's the next generations that I'm worried about.
♦ I can probably write about everything that's on my mind in greater depth if I did it more often... but that's not a promise.
♦ PEACE, and I mean that... for everybody.