January 13th, 2005

Just thought I'd write a little bit for posterity's sake. I'm still diggin' Chicago, the place I live, and my job. I haven't gotten sick of anything yet, which is at the same time both surprising and satisfying. Tomorrow I'm probably going to hate my job because it's looking like it's going to be a 20 hour day or more. Starting at 5am, I've gotta go install a brick panel wall at an OTB, but we're only allowed to work until 11am, so then we're heading straight up to install a new **********CLASSIFIED***********

I played an open mic the other day at the Elbo Room. It went pretty good, but I still need to break out of this antisocial binge I've been on. I still keep to myself when I go out. I even went to a Brazilian dance party the other day, and danced solo, even for the couples' songs where there were also solo girls available. But I have a completely different excuse for that one... I've never been able to dance with other people, unless they can match my step, since I can't really dance. I do it anyway. Same with music, I really don't know shit about it, but I do it anyway. Art's a different story, I know too much shit about it, so I just feel like a hack when I do it, as in, it doesn't feel like a pure expression since I'm consciously adapting to known idioms, or if not, then I still usually obey the rules of balance and order. Speaking of which, though, I did start some paintings. Holy crap, it's been over a month since I last wrote... uh... murry kissmas and happy newer. I drove home to Lackawanna for about a week, spent time with the family and friends, got sick as hell, Z got me some grapefruit seed extract, which didn't seem to do much, but I took it anyway, I slept on Dum's couch and woke up with two dogs on me, which was great because they were warm, oh hey, I also took some pictures of my family, here they are:

The picture I took right before this one was the best... my dad totally fell asleep. No, not just eyes closed, completely passed out (he just worked a few 20 hour shifts with only a couple hours sleep in between each), so that's why my mom's looking at him funny in this one. My ma didn't like this one because of that and because Alex is grimmacing (he's the one grimmacing), but there was only one shot that you couldn't tell he was grimmacing because he was taking a swig of Coke, can covering up his face. Adam, my older bro, helped me put this image and a bunch of other family pictures into a calendar for my gramma. Val, my only sis, helped scan some of the stuff in... she just graduated from U of Albany with a BA in english, she's planning on taking online graduate school to get a masters in publishing, Matt, the youngest (sitting on the floor by me) started learning both drums and guitar, and I've been teaching him some stuff... I liked having a drum set at home that I can play on. Well, the family is doing good, I'll see them again next year.

My only presents for xmas were a wrist band and a crapload of money (my ma started working a job that she really enjoys and pays well, and my dad's been working a hell of a lot of OT, so they had money this year). I got myself a table saw, and I'll get more power tools soon, and I've built stretchers, a coffee table, a little shelving thing for my studio. I stretched eight canvases, started painting on four of them. I've been working on revamping the Texas Ballroom website (nothing that I did is up yet), I started learning Spanish with this online tutorial, been working on some new songs (one's in 15/16 time, and I don't understand how that happened, but I like it) I should record some of them soonish... oh man there is stuff going on in my life... that is good. Somehow I've gotta get some sleep tonight and be up by 4:30 for the crazy day tomorrow, but I think I'll just caffeinate myself. Pardon the scatteredness, but I'm trying to remember a month's worth of shit while trying not to sound like a recap of events.

Oh hey, the first event here at Texas that I'm going to be a part of is a Valentine's Day show on Feb 11th. There will be an art show downstairs, a few bands, and then a bunch of events around the them of Vday like: a multimedia kissing booth, confessional, lovers and fighters boxing, messenger service, make your own valentines, and more events TBA. I'm personally looking forward to the boxing. Then, on Feb 27th, we've got the Ex-Models playing here. So get off your asses and get down here for one or both shows, or anytime else for a visit. And by the way, I'm sick of spam on my guestbook, don't click on any links that people have been writing in there, some of them are designed to look like personal home pages, but they're not, I've been trying to delete them as they come up, but just ignore them if you can. It's to the point of getting me to consider having to register with the site in order to post stuff (and so then I can put you on the mailing list too). Aw man, it's almost midnight, I've gotta go.