December 4th, 2004

This is where I'm living. It's pretty friggin rad. Just beyond the basketball hoop, you see a big white box with a fence on top, that's the balcony/ dj booth connected to my room. Also coming out of my room is a big ol' slide that comes down behind that structure. The front of that box is the projection wall where movies and other good stuff is shown using the house projector. Behind where I'm taking this picture is the stage with big, black velvet curtains. The space is called the Texas Ballroom, and they put on some shows every once in a while, usually in conjunction with the art space downstairs, Diamonds on Archer. Check them both out online at It's usually music in this space and art downstairs, and I do have some say in who gets to play here, so exciting things may be in the works.

Also, I've been working on a mural this past week for a toddler's room out in the burbs. I'll have before and after pics up once I'm done, which will hopefully be on or around tomorrow, but then there's the possibility that I may be doing more work for this family and their neighbors, so there's a possibility that I might not need to look for a "real" job if I can get enough freelance and commissioned work. That would be rather ideal. I've sort of been dragging this project out because I've been getting fed, and eating better than I've ever eaten before... and having cookies baked for me. If it weren't for materials and gas money, I'd paint just for the food.

The couple weeks between my last post and now were spent split between Schmeel's pad here in Chitown and Adam's place in Iowa City. While with da Schmeel, I was mostly just looking for apartments and jobs, meeting with a bunch of peoples, and then crashing on his couch. We did manage to get out a few nights for a birthday party, bowling, an Artspace meeting, and some improv comedy shows. In Iowa, I was helping Adam with his project of turning his section of the sculpture studio trailor into a suburbanesque home complete with a deck, a peak, and vinyl siding. We didn't get to any of the siding because the demolition part took longer than anticipated. My body was retaliating against the suburban anti-aesthetic by getting injured at many points along the way. I still can't play guitar so well after getting my finger caught in a press break, one of those hydraulic sheet metal cutters. It's not broken, but I had to drill a hole through my nail to release all the blood and to save the nail. It's actually healing quite nicely, but it's just not there yet. Adam also introduced me to the knife game, otherwise known as both the dumbest and funnest game ever. To play, you need a really sharp knife, at least a foot long with a wooden handle, well balanced with some decent weight. Then you get two, or more, people to stand about twenty feet from each other and throw the knife back and forth. The object is to catch the knife by the handle, as well as to throw it so that it would be catchable. You score a point whenever your opponent draws blood. Adam won 2-1, and one of those was a doozy with my blood painting the floor of that sculpture building. I also spent some time with my friend Shannon and her daughter Isabelle. She and Adam used to be a couple, but now they're not, and Adam would rather assume that she didn't exist, so my rendezvous with Shannon had to be rather clandestine, or at least just not talked about. I had Thanksgiving at Adam's friend Dan's house with a bunch of his and his girlfriends friends and family. We had six different varieties of meat, five of which were all in the "game" stew, or "everything Dan shot this week" stew, which included pheasant, quail, rabbit, and squirrel... with some ham hocks thrown in. It was pretty good, even if the squirrel was just shot that afternoon in the front yard when Dan realized that there wasn't enough meat to balance all the tomato he already put in the pot. No offense to my family, but that sure as heck beat driving what would've been a 24 hour round trip to spend time with them. I'll be home for Christmas... unless I get one of them job things that doesn't give me enough time off, but I'm not so worried about that.

It's time for bed, good night kids.