December 7th, 2004

I finished the mural on Sunday, applied for jobs on Monday, interviewed and got hired on Tuesday (today), and I start working Wednesday (in about nine hours). First off, the mural, I'm happy with it, the family was more than happy, and I had a great time spending time with them and painting. I might be back there in January to do their bathroom, too. So that means I'll be available evenings and weekends to complete your mural project, so give me a ring.

Secondly, yeah, I start a full time job tomorrow. The pay's not great to start, but the place is awesome. It's Zap Props here in Chicago, actually only a mile away from where I'm living, so an easy walk. They are a prop house that supplies all the local theaters, movie producers and TV shows, as well as an antique shop, a frame shop, a custom art/ prop shop, and restaurant designing business. I will mostly be working in the frame shop, but they hired me because I was more well rounded and can tackle some of the other areas too. It was amazing just walking around the place because not only are they stocked floor to ceiling, three floors worth of props, but most of them are authentic antiques, it's like a hundred dime museums in one building. I had my interview with the husband and wife team of owners, and they are really cool, down to earth people. It's a 9-5 gig, which is fine by me since I think I'm really going to enjoy working there.

In other news, living here at Texas Ballroom is great... cool roomates, lots of space, art and music all the time, a slide out my bedroom door and a balcony that overlooks the space, wireless dsl, in house basketball court, a stage, a twenty foot projection wall for movies, and really accessable to everything being near the intersection of both major highways, I-90/94 and I-55, which actually runs right behind the building. With that said, there is one room available for immediate occupancy since somebody backed out. So if you're looking for an awesome place to live in Chicago, let me know. Rent is $400/ month + utilities are always $80/ month. When we have shows, the profit is put into a house fund that helps pay for community items like toilet paper and light bulbs, but also for emergencies like extraordinarily high heating bills.

I also hit up a moving sale today, and got myself a bed, a printer, a bench, and an electric skillet all for $60... score.

The Schmeel has his Artspace up and running, and is accepting submissions for their first two shows in January based on the themes of "Birth" and "Numb3r5". If you're not gonna submit, then at least attend the shows... more info when I know more. Also, Doghed and her sister started a new greeting card company, fly, emu, fly, just in time for the holidays... so get yer cards. Oh hey... Happy Hanukah. Well, I've gotta be well rested for work tomorrow, so I'll talk at you later. Night.