February 26th, 2005

Hey, just writing a quick note to say sorry and goddam. Apparently, I said stuff in here that I wasn't supposed to, and was forced to remove it by the people I'm not supposed to talk about. So from now on, all names will be changed to... uh, protect the innocent... but qualifications for innocence are at my discretion, so some names might be real. And since we're on the subject, the next entry down, Feb 17th, is just a gory story with a graphic picture of an accident I had at work, so don't read it unless you're into that kinda stuff. And I really really love Beezelbee, she lights my fire. Yeah, that's one of them made up names, but I think I might name my second daughter that... Beezelbee Lohr. My first daughter will be Jazzabelle Lohr, and I'm thinking my son will be Indiana Folk Lohr.

I just saw a great show at US Beer, an all acoustic show ranging from the mellow country folk stylings of Cody to the madness of Jim the Wandering Endorphin. If you thought that I beat the fuck outta my guitar, watch the fuck out for this guy. There was also Matt playing the Chapman Stick, even doing a brilliant version of Take Five. Also playing were Scottish McMillan, crazy slap-happy guitar funkness, and Jayk Willis, a ZZ Top looking, soul singin punk rocker. If I weren't so damned tired, and I didn't have roomates, or if it wasn't 3am, and if my thumb would let me play, then I'd be inspired to play for days on end.

I'm allowed to talk about other projects at work. We finished the new Aurelio's out in Frankfurt, and it looks great. Joe Pascale, the franchise owner is a great guy, kept us well fed the entire time we were working, so if you're out that way, check it out. Their food is good, too. I'll post pics later. Bill's also got me designing the trellis for our next big project, a new Ricobene's, and he want's it sort of along the lines of the arts and crafts movement or Frank Lloyd Wright. It's going to be friggin cool. Wow, I think you just caught me on my first online ass kissing venture, but don't worry, I should be back to being cynical in no time. Arrrrr.