April 16th, 2005

I swear I'm writing this journal entry of my own free accord, not being coerced into writing it by anybody or entity, especially not my boss, Bill at Zap Props, who is just a great guy, by the way. I'm lucky to have a boss like him. All previous posts about long hours or shitty pay were overexagerated, and I chalk them up to grumpiness or other temporary situations. Because, honestly, I like working there, the hours are flexible if I need them to be, and even though the starting pay wasn't that great, I've gotten a few raises since then. My duties also became more interesting, and I've earned a lot more responsibility. I'm also learning a whole heck of a lot in the process. Just wait until this next job, a Ricobene's is done, I've been in control of nearly every aspect of the design and so far I've built everything myself, except for about a half hour that chris helped me cross-cut some oak ply for the wainscoting. It'll be a team effort for the install, which will start on Monday with the faux finish, then the baseboard and the wainscoting go down, then the main trellises, then the center trellises (which are hung from the rafters), and somewhere in there I'm also going to paint a mural and hang some pictures. It's going to look so nice, everybody who walks into the place will be like, "Gimme a steak sandwich" and then, "Oh, by the way, who decorated this place? It's so nice. I want them to decorate my place, and pay them a million bucks." At least that's the reaction we're going for.

But enough about work. Actually, enough of this writing stuff, got some B'n-E to do. Oh, and for some reason within the past couple days, photoshop won't let me "save for web" because an "assertion has failed" if anyone knows how to fix this, I'll be able to post more pics, and I'll bake you a cake. Yup.