Memorial Day, 2005

Holidays give me time to do stuff. Updates today include:
Pics of some recent B 'n E action
Updated work portfolio
This here journal entry.

I spent the last week in Iowa, on vacation, which was pointed out to me to be somewhat of a contradiction. I enjoyed myself either way, because all I was concerned about was seeing friends and not working, both of which were accomplished. I even managed to persuade adum to tatoo me:

These are my first tats, and also the first tats that adum has given to anybody else besides himself, mutual cherry poppin' action. All I wanted was for adum to make his mark on me, I gave as little input as possible. I treat my body as if it were a cast for other people to sign, because really, it's lame as hell if you sign it yourself or tell somebody else exactly what to sign for you. The design was all adum's doing, so was placement. He had me shave both my legs and then he'd do something within the shaved area. The first mark was that dot in the center of the pacman shaped block, it was a fuckup since no ink was coming out, so he went around it. I think it was originally gonna be a square, but whatever, it's exactly what I wanted, and that's simply a mark made by adum. Then he did my pinky toe because it was gonna hurt, and hurt it did. I need more people to mark me up... any takers?

I also went spelunking with nic, and explored an abandoned farm house on the way back, sorry, no pics. Went to the movies, saw Hitchhiker's..., first movie I've seen in the theater in a while. I also spent time with shannon and isabella, good times.

It's back to work tomorrow. I'll be going back to B'lo in a few weeks as I'll be playing a benefit/ memorial show for former bandmate/ late friend Doug Block at Nietzsche's on June 25th. I'll be playing three 20 minute sets, one between each band, sharing the bill with L'Dorado, Lazlo Hollyfeld, and the Vision Serpents. Oh bother, I really need to sleep now.