July 3rd, 2004

I'm reminded of an old phrase, "this is the first day in the rest of your life." Although I probably would've pinned the exact date sometime a few weeks ago, I'm pronouncing today as the official first day in the rest of my life. July 3rd will forever be known as brrrn's rebrrrrthday, and let there be fireworks and picnics and merriment all around on or about the 3rd of July. Let us celebrate my new-found freedom and independence by blowing some shit up. I also declare red, white, and blue to be the official colors of this special day, and let all ye who praise in this great event wear and wave these colors with pride. Let this day be a day to reflect upon each of our own lives to reflect on what chains bind us, what oppressors oppress us, and what roadblocks impede our progress to becoming completely free beings. And let us all rise up to meet these struggles head on with confidence and full passion to overcome the invisible hands of bondage that have control over our lives. LET US BE FREE.

With all that said, you've guessed it, I'm moving out of my parents' basement. This is going to happen sometime in the next week, and I'm not quite sure where I'm going yet. It all happened a few weeks ago when I decided that I hated my jobs, that my artistic and musical careers were going nowhere due to the fact that I was working two shitty jobs, and living with the parents and three of my four siblings wasn't helping much, either. All my time energy has been getting spent on things that bring me no pleasure or joy and with no sustainable future. The sole reason I've been working so much and living at home was so that I can save money in order to buy a house. After my fantastic realtor showed me around our 200th house or so, it dawned on me that owning a house isn't what I need right now. Not only that, but I've also developed a disliking towards houses, but a greater appreciation for space. My favorite house that we looked at was an old Empire style brick home with a mansard roof and tower and all that great old stuff, but the interior was completely gutted. I mean, they even took all the floor coverings out, and only the exterior and main support walls remained. It was hideous, but the possibilities were endless. That got me to thinking... when I was at UCSD, I lived in my studio which was about 12' x 17' (204 sq. ft.), and it still remains my favorite place that I've lived. Granted, I did build a loft so I can store stuff and sleep more comfortably, so that added about 140 sq.ft, but the greatest things were the big friggin shops downstairs; wood shop, metal shop, elctronics, machine, computer, film, protools, etc. So the point is, I need more of an industrial space rather than a "home" space. So if I come back to Buffalo, that's what I'll be looking for... oh, but if you are looking for a home in Buffalo, NY, and you want to work with an outstanding realtor, call Lisa Sweet at Metro Homes and Land (716)743-6231.

So this has been my second week off from work, and I feel I've been more productive in these past two weeks than I've been in the past year. I got this website up and running, I got my EP polished up (with help from Jesse Rejewski who hasn't come up with a name for his studio yet, but if you're looking for a good sound guy/ studio engineer in Buffalo, contact him at Home525918@aol.com). I've been writing some good tunes, and finishing some older ones. I'm putting together a press kit so that I can start getting some gigs. If you wanna help me out with that, or book me for a show in your hometown, email me at bryanlohr@mail.com. But most importantly, I feel great. I'm hitting the road soon in search of greener pastures (or more apropos, danker space), and I'm thinking of relocating to one of Chicago, NYC, or Baltimore, or maybe somewhere completely random. I've got very few responsibilities at this point, just a few monthly bills, most of which I can pay online, but nobody to answer to. I'll be free to do whatever... well, until I'm able to book some gigs, and then I'll have to play them, but I'll enjoy every minute of it.

This concludes our irregular broadcast. Tune in next time when the subject of discussion will most likely be, "Why can't I find anyone to answer to? I'm so lame." Thank you and goodnight.