July 18th, 2004

Schleigho rocks! I must've seen them at least twenty times by now, but they never fail to blow me away. They played Friday night at Nietzsche's with Lazlo Hollyfeld, who keep getting tighter themselves. Then last night I went to see the Sleeping Kings of Iona in South Buffalo. Another tight band. There's also a high school connection here, I went to school with Jeff and Scott from Lazlo, and also played in a couple bands with them, and I also went with Ray and Chris from Sleeping, and I also played with Ray. We all went to Timon High School... and there are more of us from that school who are still in the music scene, and are incredible in their own right. You know, I hated the school when I went there, and I don't really like visiting, but a lot of talented people shared the space with me, so I don't know if I can really credit the school for nurturing this talent... although an argument can be drawn up seeing as how the school had no music program whatsoever when I went there, except for a choir that would meet and practice before special masses a few times a year. With the complete lack of music in school, we had to make up for it outside of school. Also, the music that we did have sucked horribly, and we got to teach ourselves a lot without being indoctrinated into a single style or theory. Therefor, the school might take some of the credit for fostering some good musicians by giving us the room to grow on our own. Well, after the show last night, I went to Jeff's house to pick up a book he's been borrowing for the last seven years, and we got to jamming. That muthafuca can rip. I decided that he's gonna play on my next album, which is going to be more orchestrated than my EP that I've got now. On my current cd, I was just trying to replicate the live sound in the studio, but next time, the cd will exist as its own separate entity and artform.

With that aside, I'm just about ready to hit the road. I've got my press kit all together, this site is up (or at least the important parts right now), I've got copies of my cd, an online store, promos on a few different websites, and I'm just ready to go. I'm probably gonna leave Monday or Tuesday to go to Chicago, and then loop around through Iowa, come back through PA, then hit Baltimore, NYC, and Hartford, and anywhere else in between. Operation rock star is entering phase one. If you want me to visit, drop me a line, I'll have my cel phone on me, and internet access when I can... (716)572-9678 or bryan@brrrn.com. So I'll see you all soon.