The Day that Coupons Die, 2005

Happy birthday, Z. On this occassion, I'm a gonna talk a little about what's been going on these past few months since my last entry. This will probably be in no way chronological nor any sort of logical because I'm realizing how tired I already am and I might just try to cram in as much information without using complete sentences as possible. Starting now.

I moved:
2228 W. Cullerton #1
Chicago, IL 60608

I have one roomate, Tyler, together we are Los Chococholos, and our house is named Abstract. We make stuff here. I've been building furniture, pics to come soon... along with pics of new work, new recordings of new songs, new pics of abandoned joints and work portfolio, but it's not a high priority these days to keep up with the website, if you hadn't already guessed by the three month lapse of updatation. New words will be made up as I go along, like this one, slerkin, which defines my uncanny ability to sleep and work at the same time, as I'm doin right now. Train just went by, I'm up again. Goin to LA on the 19th, so holla if you're in CA. I'm affiliated with a new gallery, Of Art and Order, and we both happened to relocate on the same day, and unbeknownst to each other, on the same street, merely four blocks apart. There will be much collaboration. Tyler just got hooked up with an internship at a gallery. Networking works. I had some paintings on display a couple weeks ago at a show put on by Mondo, and there might be an ongoing relationship forming there as well. I must say, Chicago is bursting at the seams with opportunities. I'm taking advantage as much as possible because I'm an opportunistic bastard. I need to play more music, wake the neighbors up as much as they rouse me. There's probably a couple dozen houses on this little stretch of street, but I swear there must be two thousand screechy, potty-mouthed kids, three hundred little, yippy dogs, and fifty car alarms that the kids like to constantly set off and laugh about... not to mention the ice cream trucks that play "La cucarocha" until 10pm (I don't think they're selling ice cream, and if they were, I think they might wanna change their tune to one that doesn't translate into cockroach, they don't sell ice cream as well as other creatures might). I'm still in need of a cleaning monkey, a milkin' cow, and an eatin' cow, in case any of ya'll got an extra one bantying about. New favorite word: defenestrate. A good friend of mine informed me yesterday that she just got married a few weeks ago. I didn't get an invite. I'm getting old. I'm in denial about a lot of things, such as mortality and people getting married and people getting their nut tubes severed by choice. But at least I'm good at lifting heavy things, so I still have purpose in life. I didn't take a road trip this summer, and time is running out. Let's go. I haven't been in Lake Michigan yet, either. My wrist is a little jacked, had a bike accident a couple months ago and I haven't let it heal, so it keeps resnapping, hurting for a couple days, but then I forget that it's jacked because it stops hurting, so I keep using it like I want to, only to snap it again, repeat ad infinitum because having a body that is fragile is linked with mortality, which I'm still in denial about. It sucks because sometimes playing guitar or bass will make it snap, but usually it's when I'm lifting heavy things, so one day my purpose in this world of lifting things will have to change, and I will have to find a new purpose. There's a challenge. Maybe I should just get a tv. Maybe I should stop racing buses on my bike. Maybe I shoulda went to bed a couple hours ago. But then this exciting and informative journal entry will not have existed. Time machines are rad, I'm still working on it. Shit, new phone numbers too, sorry to make you read this far to get em:
Abstract: 312-243-0567
new cell: 312 246-3327 (that's 312-BIO-FEAR because I'm a heath hazard don't ya know)

If you haven't noticed, I taught Tyler everything he knows about web design. I've still got some knowledge to impart on all ya'll punks and chumps. What? You think you're gonna school me? I'd be more than happy if you did. I need to learn how to wire a house, some plumbing, how to fix a car, some machining, and then I'll be building my very own death star, but maybe I'll start with a house in the woods or something (with a woodburning hot tub, of course). And I might just have to engineer my own eatin and milkin cows. Chicago is flat, i don't like that. Maybe the mountains are just hiding somewhere. Maybe I just don't know where all the cool waterfalls and stuff are, even though the locals deny their existance, they've gotta be around someplace, right? No local swimming holes? Or at least water that won't dissolve your skin after contact? And what the hell is that smell? You never get used to it. Some days it's mild, others, nauseating, and it also depends on which way the wind blows. Sometimes it smells like juicy fruit from the wrigley plant. Why are there so many baseball fans here? And smokers? Where's the smoking ban already? Yes, I miss Buffalo, but I'm not done here yet. I signed a lease at the new place, so I'll most likely be here for at least a year. No new tatoos. Still unpierced, and I'm probably too unsanitary to consider it. Hey, I got a scanner now, so by the next time I update this thing rolls around, you can expect a lot of stuff. Or, at least that's the plan. Man, get off my back, I'll get to it, God. Patience young ones. Or I'll cut you. So, come visit dammit, I need some good distractions or better. The bed beckons. Bye.