September 14th, 2005

You think you know me? You don't know me. People have said of me, "Oh, that Bryan, he wouldn't hurt a fly." They're wrong. You're wrong. I enjoy inflicting pain unto others, especially flies. I swear, I must have killed at least fifty of them fuckers today alone, and taking pleasure in each one I rendered lifeless. It would bring me even more joy when I would also render one two-dimensional. So it goes. I'm a killing machine. People? No, they'd hurt me back, so I keep my distance from them things, but flies, watch the fuck out.

The news in brief. I'm feeling better. I believe it was a hemorrhoid that delivered unto me some evil. That's cleared up. My mind is also clear. I'm going to LA on Monday (the 19th) for work, will be there until Friday. Before that happens, I'm going to do some more work for Jerry's, the restaurant I built a patio for, this time rebuilding their serving counter. That's happening this weekend. Also this weekend, I'm meeting with the owner of an independant record label out here, he's putting me on the guestlist for one of the bands he represents, and we'll see if there'll be a professional relationship forming there. That's enough talk about that, don't wanna get hopes up just yet. By the way, the fly paper that we hung up about a half hour ago is already looking like a really course grit sandpaper, I'd estimate another fifty or so. Yesterday, I think I saw one fly in the house, today when I came home, infestation. I killed a bunch in the bathroom before taking a shower, and after I flattened a couple on the floor, I saw ants coming out of the wall to eat the smushedness. I started a new comic strip while I was flattened all last week. I'll post them, and possibly start shopping them around to see if I can get a weekly publication. I think the name I've decided on is Cynful for the strip (the main character is named Cynthia). An old friend's band, the Bloody Hollies came to town, rocked the Subterranean on Saturday, and then we all went back to the Texas Ballroom to crash. That was a good night/ morning. I almost ran out of chocolate, but then I just made an emergency Jewel run to get some... we've been out of toilet paper for three days, but I just now picked some of that up, too, so yes, priorities are still in place. Well crap, that's all I can think of, except to say that if you need some flies deaded, you know who to call.