September 24th, 2005

I'm on a plane right now. Got tired of sleeping. Even though this thing is a public journal, I still don't like the fact that people can read over my shoulder as I type. I'm bored as fuck, so what the hell. The last week was spent in LA, installing a restaurant I'm not allowed to talk about. Nope, no nostalgia for Southern CA. Don't mind if I never go back there again, but the problem is, we might. If this location works out, we'll be doing three per year. Chicago is waiting for me. I'm doing some more work for Jerry's this weekend, as in today after I wake up again. They're getting a new serving counter. My Saturday will be broken up a bit though as there's a concert I need to go to, which will be a nice break from working. This is another band produced by OIE records, who I might be working with in the near future. I just talked to the label owner a couple days ago, and I'm gonna see if I can put some bass tracks on a couple songs. They also just picked up national distribution, so if I lay down the tracks, you can buy the cd at your local music merchant. Then there's also the possibility of more solo gigs, another solo album, and a national tour. And, on the other end of the spectrum, my first official gallery opening is on October 1st at OAO Galleria, 1753 W. Cullerton, Chicago, IL 60608. I'm also looking forward to a week's worth of spam and junk mail when I return. Even though I brought my laptop, I couldn't find any free wireless hotspots. Even the hotel we stayed at, which was nice, didn't offer free service, you had to pay by the hour or the month. Crappy. So since it's looking like I won't be tired for a while, I'll be on the computer till about 5am, getting up around 10 or 11 to start on Jerry's project. As the boss can look over my shoulder, I should say this, I'm way too busy to be working. I might see about being part time for a while so that I can work on my own shit some more. I got so much done a couple weeks ago when I wasn't working. Then that momentum came to a screeching halt once I started going in again. This is no time for introspection or thoughtful reflection, so I'll continue this later.