Oh, Canada

People talk, talk, talk just to hear themselves,
You might just think they're trying to cast a spell
Over you, Or me...
All the lying and deceiving never gets you nowhere,
Though you might be getting rich off of others' despair,
But you won't fool me,
Mr. Man, he thinks he can get away with this,
Robbing from the poor just to give to the rich,
Our cries fall on deaf ears.
You might think you've got 'em beat 'cause you still have a vote
In a real democracy, that might actually float,
But not when you've got enough money to, uh, buy the election.
I will close my ears
I will close my ears...
I don't gotta listen to you anymore,
Words don't have no meaning when they ain't got no core,
So how about just a little hand signal?

People sulk, sulk, sulk, and they pity themselves,
They think they should be richer than everyone else.
"It's not fair," they say
That the rich keep getting richer while the poor stay the same,
When is all that wealth gonna trickle my way?
I can't wait too long.
My teeth are rotting out, and I've got some disease,
But I couldn't pay the doctor so he told me to leave,
"Au Revoir, Bon Voyage,"
I'm moving to Canada where I can be fixed,
But they told me it's my country that was making me sick,
How about that, I'm cured!
I will close my ears
I will close my ears...

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Oh, Canada

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