If you come out alive,
Don't expect me to cheer.
I've done a lot of stupid things in my life,
But these just don't compare.
Don't tempt your fate,
Let yourself be lifted, Lifted away.

Although the book has been written,
It was done so in lead.
It can be changed at a moment's notice,
Don't let it get to your head.
Free will is a gift,
But your choices result in consequence.

Daredevil, never satisfied
Adrenaline, that what gets you high
It's gotta be bigger, faster, higher than last
You've gotta be staring death in the face

It's time to turn out the lights,
But you're not going to bed.
You're always running away from yourself,
Afraid of the demons in your head.
You never get any rest.
Because you carry too many regrets... No Regrets.

You say you're living life to it's fullest,
But it looks a lot like dying to me.
It's all just a clever scam
To hid your insecurity.
You know that I'm not blind,
And I'd hate to see you cross that line.
Don't Cross that Line.

Time Snake
Original Sin
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Oh, Canada

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