Ever After

Something inside me is kicking and screaming
My body is shaking
Every time I see you, 
Girl, I know I won't ever desert you,
I always will be true
Right until the end of time,
Girl, I see our future so clearly,
A new dawn is rising
Over a brand new...

Where in the World can my baby be?
She said she'd be home long before me,
But I can't seem to find no note or no sign,
My baby has deserted me.
I looked on the table, saw your cellular phone,
So I couldn't call you up to tell you come home.
I waited and I waited, and I waited some more...
My jealousy is raging.

And you're still not found
When I'm comin' around
I said, "Where'd you hide my baby at
With visions of wedding gowns?"
I asked if you loved me, and you say that you do.
I wanna believe you, and I wish it were true,
But I see you want affection, but never from me.
This sidelines game messes with my mind the same.
I'm a fool in love, I'm a fool to love
A twisted, evil sister, Satanic nun.
Where'd you hide your broom at babe?
Who was in your room that day?
Here me now, I'm steppin' out,
I've had enough of this shit to make my hair fall out.
I'm walkin' out the door, I'm walkin' out the door,
I'm walking out the...

Oh, hey babe...
Aw no, of course I still love you...yeah

My baby, she wants me,
And I need her badly,
She assured me she loved me,
I'm never gonna let her go
'Cause I know that love is elusive
Like unicorns and faeries,
My baby's like a fairy tale.
Once upon a time, this young boy
Met a pretty girl, they fell in love got married,
And they lived happily ever after, ever after
After ever after... ever 'til the end of time. 

Time Snake
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Ever After
Oh, Canada

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