Why do you stay when I know you want to leave?
I swear I won't take offense if you turn your back away.
Thank you for being there, but now it's time to go,
Your sympathy has quickly turned to pity.
And to avoid feeling regret, I suggest you take the hint,
ANd go back to the place from whence you came.
Otherwise I might take advantage of the situation,
But blame all on my loss of self control.

I'm not about to be the son of a gun
Who gets his pity lovin', then he's livin' off on the run.
It's that same old dance, same old song,
The mind of a the male is a predator strong.
I guess I made my point that I want you leave,
But that's not entirely true, but it'd best for you
Because if you don't leave I'll do what it takes
To get you into my bed tonight
Yeah, I'll do what it takes to get you into my bed tonight.

Seeing as how you're still around,
And it's getting to the point where we're starting to yawn,
I'm gonna offer you my bed so you can rest your weary head.
I'll volunteer to take the couch 
While I pray to God you're gonna object,
So I can suggest that we share the bed,
Either head to feet or feet to head,
And I'll give you my word of honor 
That I'm gonna be a gentleman,
Yeah, I'm gonna be a gentleman.

Yeah, I'll say please, and I'll say thanks,
Those are the words that a gentleman would say...

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