July 18th, 2004

I've got an online shop for all that Brrrn Mrrrch that I know you crave. The prices are a little steep, but it's a great system. They make the stuff on demand, so they're not overburdoned with inventory, and I didn't have to drop a dime. It's simply a chance for my name to get out there, but if there seems to be a demand for this stuff, then I might actually buy some in bulk and sell it cheaper. But for now, check out what's available and help a brother out. You can set up your own store for free, too, just tell em brrrn sent ya. That, and I'll be heading out to Chicago in a day or two.

July 7th, 2004

I'm currently putting together my press packet, fixing up this website, and writing, writing, writing. I'm going to start booking shows soon, and hitting the road.