Original Sin

Oh, why do you treat me like the only one who's ever wrong,
Like you've never made a mistake in your whole life?
There I go again falling prey to your accusations,
You know I'd never admit to do anything wrong.
But you point your finger at me, and then I point it right back,
Nothing's ever as easy as A equals B
There are always two sides to any given story,
But in a 3d world there's also everything in between.

Like Layers on a cake or stratified rock,
You miss all the good if you only see the top,
So eat away, eat away,
And Get underneath my skin.
Dig down, dig down
Beneath these layers of guilt.
Then dig even further,
Right down to original sin.

Oh no I'm not trying to pass the buck off on Eve,
You know she's as innocent as anyone else.
But what I'm saying is that we're programmed to deceive,
And I just figured, "How much bad can this apple bring?"
The fruits of your mind I will cherish forever,
Even when you won't allow our bodies to meet,
So how many times and how many ways can I say, "I'm sorry,"
Until you realize at least that much is true?

I take it back, take it all back...
If you take me back, take me back.

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Original Sin
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