Time Snake

Seems like yesterday
When I was just a boy
How quickly things turn into memories
How quickly time goes by
If I can only grasp
The Second in your photograph
A perpetual smile on your face
We only live for today

And I only see your love,
Never another frown to come
If I only see your love,
Then time might not be so bad afterall.

Believe me when I say,
"I'm trying my best to prevail,"
But time is always in my way
Just like a driving nail

So I keep marching on
Side by side with each rising sun
And I keep holding on
To the dream of happiness to come

And its just a matter of time
When sand turns to stone
And diamonds are made from coal
And our bodies release our souls
If I could I would stop the clocks
Turn back time to where I once forgot
To see you standing there waiting for me,
But this time I arrive on time.

Suddenly it's tomorrow
And I'm looking back on today
I see the mouth of the snake
Eating the tail of yesterday
And I wonder what would happen
If I let myself be swallowed
Or if I tried to run away
Even though I know there's no escape
Time Snake
Original Sin
Ever After
Oh, Canada

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